Our Privacy Policy

Your Privacy Is Important To Us

At ACCTA, Inc., we understand your concerns regarding the privacy of the information you share with us. We also provide information to other sites in the course of our professional and personal lives, and we expect those sites to follow good privacy principles and practices. You deserve the same treatment from us.

We collect a limited amount of personal information from you when you register with us to access content on this site. Examples include name, email address, contact information, and your organization's name. Some additional technical information, including the IP address you contact us from, is collected as part of the registration and security process. This information allows us to communicate with you about your registration when we need to resolve problems. We may also contact you to get feedback for improving our products and services. Such information also helps us understand who our customers are.

Your answers to polls, or interaction with forums will not be revealed unless you choose to do so by putting personal information in surveys, questionnaires, or forums. While we may release general information related to registered users, we will not give out information directly linked to an individual such as name or e-mail.

We will not sell this information to, or share it with, outside parties or organizations. It is for the internal use of those individuals directly involved with ACCTA, Inc. For a list of these people, see our Overview page.

We regularly publish a newsletter that contains information we think may be of interest to our readers. If you wish to be removed from our distribution list, every message will have a "Remove" option. You may also reply with "Remove" in the subject line.

Credit card processing is completed by PayPal, an eBay company. PayPal may collect as much information from you as they deem necessary to guard against fraudulent credit card use. PayPal does not share this information with us and we do not collect any information on your payment details. For information on PayPal's privacy policies, visit their web site (www.paypal.com).

If you have any questions or concerns about this policy, please click here for contact information.