Analytical Methods

Our research and method development efforts often result in analytical methods that are of general interest to others. We will occasionally offer the details for download. These methods are not an "application note" that you might find for free on other websites. These methods contain most of the information you need to get the method installed in your laboratory - column, mobile phase, equipment, supplies and reagents, operating conditions, preparation of standards, and initial performance results.

These methods are offered at a minimal price - but still less than what it would cost you in staff time to do a one hour literature search on the internet! You save method development costs because we eliminate the need for:

  • Costs and time associated with literature searches,
  • Column selection decisions and experiments,
  • Mobile phase development,
  • Initial development of operating conditions, and
  • Initial assessment of method performance (is this good enough?)

Current Methods:

Creatine/Creatinine - an easy way to get retention for two highly water soluble compounds, and can be adapted for a wide variety of other analytes.

Caffeine/Benzoate/Sorbate - an easy and fast method for determining the major components in energy drinks. Run time is less than four minutes.

We offer these methods with relatively few restrictions. Read our License Terms. Our main requirement is that you acknowledge the source of the basic method in all publications and presentations.

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