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Method Development Services

Improve your chromatographic method -
Better peak shape and resolution, improved sensitivity, and reduced analysis time!

Do you want your chromatograms to look like this? This wasn't an accident; it was the result of careful planning, experimentation, and execution. That's what we do!

We develop methods that satisfy your requirements and also:

  • Use the latest information on column technology and stationary phase selectivity
  • Use column configurations that can significantly reduce your mobile phase costs and analysis time
  • Maximize sensitivity to reduce the Limit of Detection
  • Maximize selectivity to minimize interferences
  • Incorporate efficient and effective sample preparation techniques

ACCTA Consulting Goes International!

ACCTA, Inc. extended it's consulting services to the international scientific community in October, 2010, working with scientists in Uganda's National Agricultural Research Organization (NARO) on HPLC operations and method development.

Dr. Bicking assisted scientists in the National Banana Research Program (NBRP).


One of our strengths is finding the "sweet spot" of conditions for a particular method. The first step in a successful development is selecting the correct column. We recently published a article in LCGC magazine entitled: "A Global Approach to HPLC Column Selection Using Reversed-Phase and HILIC Modes: What To Try When C18 Doesn't Work". View the digital version.

To see some examples of recent development projects, see our project case studies:
LC Method Development (purine metabolites)
LC Method Development (homeopathy)
LC Method Development (antibiotics)
GC Method Development (ethylene oxide testing)
LC Method Development (creatine & creatinine)

Our Method Development Screening program provides a rapid and cost-effective way to evaluate your separation by investigating:

  • Retention behavior on three columns of differing selectivity
  • Retention behavior as a function of modifier composition (acetonitrile or methanol)
  • Isocratic and initial gradient separations
  • Optimum absorbance detector settings and estimating a preliminary Limit of Detection

While we can't promise to have your method completely developed, we can provide an initial estimate of how much additional effort will be required. All this for a single, reasonable fee.

Or, we can do it all, and develop the best possible method that meets your requirements.

Contact us for more information.

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