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Integrating Chromatographic Peaks

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What is the best way to integrate this chromatogram?

One method produces a postive error of more than 100% for the first small peak. The other method generates a negative error of more than 50% for the same peak.


What about this situation?

One method gives a fairly accurate answer (within 5%). The other method reports a peak area that is in error by more than 30%!

Take this seminar and learn the answers to these questions!

Integration of chromatographic peaks is a critical step in the generation of chromatographic data. Errors in integration will result in a corresponding error in calculated results. Unfortunately, most analysts have little or no training in the proper procedures for peak integration. We will first discuss, in general terms, how integrators work. Then, peak integration issues will be examined using sets of real chromatographic data to illustrate when to use different integration strategies (drop, valley, etc.). We will discuss a variety of situations involving poorly resolved chromatographic peaks.

Are you dealing with peaks of similar size, or doing trace analysis? One integration method won't be accurate for all situations. You need to know which method to use under each set of conditions. You will only learn it here!

Students will learn about:

  • How chromatographic integrators work
  • Options for integrating poorly resolved chromatographic peaks
  • Errors associated with different integration options


  • Integration Basics
    • Resolution, Analog and Digital Signals, Peak Detection Algorithms
    • Integration Settings and Parameters
  • Integration Options
    • Drop, Valley, Skim
  • Integration Errors for different peak size ratios and resolutions
  • Complex Problems
    • Noise, Tailing, Unresolved Peaks, Baseline Problems

A portion of this research was published in LCGC Magazine.

  • "Integration Errors in Chromatographic Analysis, Part I: Peaks of Approximately Equal Size," LCGC Magazine, 24,402 - 414 (April, 2006). To access the on-line version click here.
  • "Integration Errors in Chromatographic Analysis, Part II: Large Peak Size Ratios," LCGC Magazine, 24,604 - 616 (June, 2006). To access the on-line version click here.

Companion Products: For more information on peak integration or take our on-line course.

Course Length: 1/2 day (optional discussion time is also available)

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