Agilent GPC Software

There are now four different options for Agilent's GPC software for HPLC systems:

  • ChemStation addon (obsolete and only available from third party suppliers)
  • Cirrus addon for ChemStation (available for versions B and C)
  • GPC/SEC software (separate program for use with standard GPC and multi-detector systems)
  • GPC/SEC software for OpenLab CDS 2.2 (released 2018)

There are no official Agilent training courses for the addons. Only limited training options are available for the two newer products. However, ACCTA, Inc. can provide both lecture and in-lab consulting services for all four software packages.

We can offer you the following options:

  • Lectures with course notes showing
    • Brief introduction to GPC theory
    • General software organization
    • Procedures for setting up calibration tables
    • Procedures for analyzing data files
    • Automation and reporting options, where available
  • In-Lab Consulting
    • Method development including column and mobile phase selection
    • Method setup and configuration
    • Provide training and hands-on learning for lab users
    • Follow-up email discussion for a specified time period after the visit

Lectures and a limited amount of consulting can be completed via a webinar format. More complex projects will require an on-site visit.

Contact us for more information.

ChemStation and OpenLab are registered trademarks of Agilent. This presentation was developed by ACCTA, Inc. and has not been reviewed or endorsed by Agilent.

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