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The following comments about our seminars come from our students.

On-Site Seminars

Advanced LC/Method Development

  • "Excellent presentation overall. Depth of knowledge was outstanding! "
  • "I really enjoyed the course and learned a lot. I look forward to incorporating what I learned here into my work in the future."
  • "I thought the instructor was very knowledgeable and helpful. He helped me to understand troubleshooting and method development at a new level."

Analytical Chemistry for Chromatographers

  • "Very informative. Useful charts and information."
  • "Great information on latest GC trends (i.e., fast GC)."
  • "Good overview of techniques. ... Looking forward to learning more ..."
  • "Good information with an easy-to-follow presentation. Instructors were willing to field questions on different applications (site specific) not covered in regular course material."

Analytical Laboratory Techniques - Healthcare Edition

  • "...a good review of the basics"
  • "...a good refresher and clarification of concepts"
  • "...some really good sections in the course such as significant figures, rounding and propagation of errors."
  • "[Discussion of] glassware use was excellent. Good review! I learned something new."
  • "I do feel that this course should be a must for all new employees whether they are fresh out of school or transferring from another company."
  • "Drove home the reason to do analytical lab techniques the right way."

Chromatography Seminars (Introduction and Advanced Topics)

  • "Great idea with hands-on examples showing parts of instruments. Thanks for understanding our process and attempting to structure to our needs and interests."
  • "Very good information. Enjoyed the troubleshooting."
  • "Good job. (Good teaching!)"
  • "Great job with everything."
  • "Lots of practical information."

Statistics and Calibration Seminars

  • "Presented well. Appreciated the calibration [discussion]."
  • "Very good presentation. Very practical and useful for all lab personnel at all levels as a reminder."

Introduction to the ChemStation

  • "Excellent interactions with the group."
  • "Questions were answered clearly."
  • "Handouts were extremely useful."

On-Line Seminars

Propagation of Errors/Preparation of Standards

  • "...very clearly laid out."
  • "Slides were very easy to read and weren't overwhelming in their content."
  • "It was very informative and [I] learned several things."


ChemStation Training - Parts 1, 2, and 3

  • "Good general overview of the basics."
  • "I have been using this software for years and was unaware of some of the features."
  • "Definitely learned some new things to try to help optimize my runs. Thanks."
  • "I feel comfortable and better prepared with sequences and data processing now that it was explained to me."

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