Introduction to Agilent OpenLab and ChemStation® Software

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Learn to use ChemStation and OpenLab effectively!

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The Agilent OpenLab;ChemStation® software is one of the most popular software packages in analytical laboratories. However, the extensive capabilities and complexities of the software can make it difficult to learn. Our training will focus on the features needed in most analytical labs, with an emphasis on usability. Both GC and LC versions are available.

Most presentations include laboratory time, where we can go into the lab and
apply the training information to your methods and data.

Students will learn about:

  • The organization of the ChemStation software
  • The basic features of the software
  • The steps needed to set up a simple method for data acquisition, analysis, and reporting.

We have training material for the following versions (LC and GC):

ChemStation (Version B)
Version B

OpenLab ChemStation (Version C)
Version C

OpenLab CDS (Version 2.x)
Version 2.x

Content may include some or all of the following:

  • ChemStation "Views" and General Layout
  • Creating and editing methods
  • Setting up and running single injections and sequences
  • Optimizing integration settings
  • Setting up and using calibration tables
  • Reprocessiong and data analysis workflows
  • Reporting options and the Report Layout View
  • Hands-on method review, optimization, and consulting in your laboratory

Course Length: 1 day

Note:OpenLab and ChemStation® are registered trademarks of Agilent. This presentation was prepared by ACCTA, Inc. and has not been reviewed or endorsed by Agilent.