Analytical Laboratory Techniques - Healthcare Edition

Train Your Staff in the Laboratory Skills They Need!
Good technique is essential in every successful analytical laboratory. However, laboratory analysts in the healthcare industries have particularly challenging job requirements, due to both regulatory (e.g., GMP and GLP) and economic demands. This seminar can help your entire laboratory realize better efficiency and data quality, by ensuring that every staff member has the same basic level of training. Based on discussions with analytical scientists in the pharmaceutical industry, this seminar provides a broad range of topics that are directly related to the laboratory activities of the typical analyst.

Not in the Healthcare Industry?
You may still want to consider this topic. This seminar teaches "good laboratory techniques" that are important in many different industries. You will also benefit from the discussion about the importance of documentation, even if you aren't in a GMP or GLP environment. The focus is on science, not compliance.

Who Should Attend?

  • New laboratory staff - either recent graduates or transfers from other groups
  • Specialists who want to add new skills or need cross-training instruction
  • Experienced analysts and technicians who want or need a brief refresher course
  • Anyone needing the "education, training, and experience, or any combination thereof ..." to work in a GMP environment.

[Note: this seminar has been required training for all new analytical staff at a major pharmaceutical company. Contact us if you would be interested in a similar arrangement for your facility.]

Benefits to You and Your Staff!

  • A one day presentation, so your staff aren't away from work for a long time. The seminar can even be scheduled for an afternoon/next morning format, so they don't miss an entire day in their busy schedules.
  • Every student receives a Certificate of Training, for their personnel files.
  • Every student receives exact copy course notes.
  • Course notes include class exercises to be completed and discussed during the seminar.

Read comments from pharmaceutical industry scientists who have attended this seminar.


PART 1: Mathematical Skills
Units and Calculations
Chemical Factors
Significant Figures and Rounding
Method-Related Calculations

PART 2: Using Laboratory Equipment
Analytical Balances
pH Meters

PART 3: Volumetric Containers
General Issues
Specifications and Calibration
Volumetric Flasks and Pipets
Pipetting Instruments (Pipetters)

PART 4 : Solution Preparation Issues
Propagation of Errors
Preparation of Standards
Documentation and Observation

Course Length: 1 day