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Introduction to Modern Liquid Chromatography

Understanding Your LC
Most new chromatography analysts have little or no understanding of modern liquid chromatography. This seminar will provide the knowledge they need to effectively operate their instrument. It offers an introduction to the basics of liquid chromatography and the design of the instrumentation. The presentation emphasizes the practical aspects of liquid chromatography, not just theory.

Students will learn about:

  • The basic operating principles of liquid chromatography
  • The design of LC components
  • The basic rules for maintaining their LC systems

Read comments from students who have attended this seminar.


  • Introduction to Chromatography
    • History and Relevance of Chromatography
    • 2-Phase Distribution Equilibria
    • Chromatographic Processes
    • Definitions and Basic Equations
    • Controlling the separation
  • Operating Modes
    • Reverse Phase
    • Normal Phase
    • Size Exclusion
    • Ion Exchange
  • LC Equipment
    • Mobile Phases
    • Solvent Delivery Systems
    • Injection Systems
    • Stationary Phases
    • Detectors
    • Fittings
    • Data Systems - An Introduction to Data Acquisition and Integration
  • Sample Preparation
    • Preparing Your Sample for LC Analysis
  • Introduction to Chromatographic Troubleshooting
    • General Strategies
    • Common Symptoms
    • Design-Related Problems
    • Preventive Strategies
  • Open Discussion

Prerequisite: Basic understanding and experience with liquid chromatography (0 - 3 years).

Course Length: 1 or 2 days

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