Advanced LC/Method Development

Getting the Most From Your LC
After a few years in the lab, some analysts are ready to go to the next level in using liquid chromatography. This seminar helps them get there! The topics include many current issues related to operating modern liquid chromatography instruments. This is an excellent overview for the experienced analyst and will help them get started in method development.

Students will learn:

  • How to minimize integration errors
  • How to get the most from their LC system
  • How to troubleshoot LC problems
  • The latest advances in LC
  • How to use this information when developing new methods.

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Advanced LC


  • Integrating Chromatographic Peaks
    • How Do Integrators Work?
    • What Baseline Options are Available?
    • What Errors are Associated with Each Option?
    • Dealing with Complex Issues (Tailing, Noise, Unresolved Components, etc.)
  • Advanced Operating Issues
    • Extra-Column Effects
    • Pressure Effects - Flow Through Packed Beds
    • Column Configurations
    • Gradient Programming
  • Advanced Applications for LC Detectors
    • Advanced diode array capabilities
    • Evaporative Light Scattering
    • Charged Aerosol
    • A brief introduction to LC-MS
  • Chromatographic Troubleshooting
    • Organized Troubleshooting
    • Common Symptoms and Their Sources
    • Discussion Examples
  • What's New In LC?
    • Understanding Column Selectivity
    • Fast LC and "UPLC" - Will it work for you?
    • Converting old methods to faster formats.
  • Method Development - Putting It All Together
    • Using what you know to get started.
    • Real world examples.
  • Open Discussion

Prerequisite: "Introduction to Modern Liquid Chromatography" or equivalent experience (3+ years).

Course Length: 1 or 2 days