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Solutions to Chromatography Peak Integration Problems

Are you struggling with integrating your chromatography peaks? We have found that this is a common problem in many laboratories.

Every integrator has a number of adjustable parameters that can be adjusted to change how the software finds the peaks and where it draws the baselines. In our experience,

  • Very few users actually use these settings, because
  • Very few users understand these settings, because
  • They have not been trained to use them, because
  • No one thinks they are important.

Over many years ACCTA has developed a series of technical solutions to help analysts who are struggling with chromatography peak integration. You do not need to spend hours each day manually integrating peaks, or trying to decide how to draw baselines. We have the answers, and they are only available from us.

Problem Solutions
You do not know the best way to integrate your peaks.

On-Site Seminar: Integrating Chromatographic Peaks (1/2 Day)
Webinar: Reducing Integration Errors In Chromatography - Part 1: When Peaks Are Approximately the Same Size
Webinar: Reducing Integration Errors In Chromatography - Part 2: Impurity and Trace Analysis Situations
On-Line Course: Integrating Chromatographic Peaks (Narrated)
On-Site: Customized Consulting

You need help learning how to integrate in ChemStation. Webinar: Secrets of the ChemStation - Part 2: Integrating and Calibrating
On-Site: Customized Consulting

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