Need Help With Your HPLC Method?

You don't have to live with problems in your HPLC method. We can help you fix them!

We can:

  • Help you reduce run time by more than 5X in some cases (would you like your 30 minute method reduced to 6 minutes?)
  • Help you find a new column for that difficult separation.
  • Improve sensitivity.
  • Improve precision and accuracy.

We do this by using our extensive experience in:

  • HPLC method development
  • HPLC method optimization
  • Sample preparation for HPLC


This is a typical example of how we can improve your HPLC method - better peak shape and resolution, improved sensitivity, and reduced analysis time!

BeforeBefore optimization
AfterAfter optimization




Modern HPLC equipment provides analytical capabilities that we could only dream about just a few years ago. And current column technologies give us even more power to get the kind of separation we need. Unfortunately, many laboratories do not have the time or resources to get the most from their instrument and column. We can help! This is what we do!




My method run time is too long. I want more sample throughput and lower operating costs. On-Site Seminar: Advanced HPLC/Method Development
On-Site: Customized Consulting
I am having frequent problems with my method, including downtime, method performance problems, and short column lifetimes. Webinar: Best Practices in HPLC
On-Site Seminar: Intro to HPLC
On-Site Seminar: Troubleshooting HPLC Systems
On-Site: Customized Consulting


For recent examples, see our LC Case Studies:
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