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Our new fee schedule is designed to provide more cost-effective training for small groups, while preserving the economic benefits for larger laboratories. Contact us to discuss your specific needs.

The Practichem™ Series of On-Site Training Seminars

Number of Students
Cost Per Student (a)
4 - 6
7 - 9
10 +
$565 (b)

(a) Costing Details:

  • Cost for one day of training per student only.
  • Costs include presentation, one course book per student, and one instructor's travel costs.
  • Site must supply LCD projector and suitable training space. (A/V equipment is available at additional charge.)
  • Additional charges will apply for:
    • Customized presentations
    • Presentations requiring more than one instructor
    • Presentations requiring more than one day
    • Travel outside the continental U.S. (48 states)
    • Presentations ordered within three weeks of presentation

(b) Contact us for a specific quote. We offer special rates for larger groups.

Is this training expensive?
There isn't any high quality training program that is "free," even if you have your own staff do the training. (They have to spend time developing materials and then presenting them. How much does that cost you?) If you look at the comparisons below, you will see that training your entire lab with our on-site seminars is a wise, cost-effective investment.

ACCTA's One-Day In-House Training for 6 People
ACCTA's One-Day In-House Training for 15 People
Sending 2 "Trainers" To a Short Course at a Professional Meeting
Seminar Presentation
2 * $600 = $1,200*
Course Notes
Travel Costs (typical)
2* $1,100 = $2,200*
Number of people trained
Total Cost
Work Days Required/person
1 (Training)
1 (Training)
2 (Training + Travel)
Follow-up Training Required
No (everyone is trained)
No (everyone is trained)
Yes (2 people must train everyone else)
* Typical cost, your actual costs may be different.

Good Training Is Your Best Lab Instrument

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